Zepcam T1; How to add WiFi network

  1. Make sure you have the WiFi module attached to the Zepcam T1 Live recording unit
  2. Open the Zepcam T1 menu and go to "Profile"
  3. Make Sure Profile "WiFi" is selected instead of "3G / 4G".
  4. Go to Settings -> Streaming Settings -> WiFi -> Network
  5. Select an empty line and select "New Network"
  6. The available networks will be shown
  7. Select network
  8. Enter password
  9. The Zepcam T1 is going to request "REQ" an ip and it should get "LINK" in top of the display when connected wiht a Zepcam Server or Cloud.


    There is a chance you need to pair the T1 with the Zepcam Server/Cloud again.

    Proxy WiFi networks are not supported (requiring a username to connect)


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