Zepcam T1; How to set up 3G / 4G connection

To set up 3G/4G streaming a SIM card with data subscription is needed.

  1. Make sure the SIM card is UNLOCKED. You can do this at SETTINGS > STREAMING SETTINGS > 3G/4G > SETTINGS > remove PIN code from SIM card
  2. Make sure the Zepcam Live module is NOT connected to the Zepcam recorder
  3. Open the live module by using a screwdriver
  4. Place your SIM card in the SIM card reader and close the live module by using the screws
  5. Insert the connector of the live module in the back of the Zepcam recorder
  6. Switch on the recorder and login with your personal ID
  7. Go to Profile and make sure 3G / 4G is selected
  9. Select PROVIDER (the Zepcam will search for mobile provider, this may take a few minutes) The message “Reading SIM info..” will be displayed and after this the available known provider(s) will be shown.
  10. Choose your provider with the right subscription
  11. When none providers or the correct provider is not displayed, you have to configure the APN settings manually
  12. Go to Settings > 3G / 4G > Settings > APN Server and enter the APN name of your provider.
  13. > APN username and enter APN username when required by provider
  14. > APN password and enter APN password when required by provider
  15. Wait until you see the 3G / 4G icon on the top of the recorder screen, which indicates you have a connection. If “LINK” appears, streaming is possible (Connection with the Zepcam Server or Cloud is established)
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