T2 Series Docking Station position indicator LED



The T2 Series docking station has a position indicator LED for each Bodycam position. This LED reflects the status of the Bodycam when it is docked.  




Off: no T2(+) inserted or T2(+) is done with data transfer and fully charged
Red pulsating: T2(+) is busy with data transfer. Do not remove the T2(+) during this proces
Red solid: T2(+) is done with data transfer and charging
Blinking red & green: with bodycam inserted: denied state, check Zepcam Manager of docking station monitor for more info 

without bodycam inserted: overcurrent detected, reboot of docking station needed
All LED's solid red: the docking station is not paired with the server
Chasing yellow: docking station is performing a factory reset