How to upgrade (patch) the Zepcam Server Software



You must download the latest patch via;

When upgrade from Zepcam Manager Processing version 6.0.x or lower/older, Nodejs needs to be at least version 10.x.x.:

How to check the nodjes version and how to upgrade nodejs

You can resend the link when your contact detail are registered by Zepcam (use lowercase as the Email Address field is case sensitive):


Patch must be installed via the Zepcam Manager server web-interface;

Before installing the patch, note or make a screen capture of the current server software version, example; Go to Setting -> Server Settings -> Version:


Advice is to create an image if you have the server running virtualized before applying the patch.

To install the patch Go to Settings/Admin -> Settings -> Server Settings -> Upload new Version and drop the “patch-v***.bin” file and select “Upload File”:

Please logout and log in again after successful installation and check the version number is increased.