Minimal system requirements Zepcam Server Software



The Zepcam Core Software is based on Linux Debian 9 as a self-contained Installation. The installation source data is a ISO file that must be attached/mounted to your server or VM (burned onto DVD or written to USB for direct USB boot).

Minimal system requirements for the Zepcam Server Software (ZSS)

All-in-one server:

  • Debian 9
  • Minimal 16GB of RAM 
  • A 64bit Intel or AMD dual core CPU (optimal installations have Core i5/i7/Xeon CPU’s)
  • Minimal 120GB SSD (HDD is also possible but SD is preferred) Zepcam Server Software installation OS (Debian 9); 
  • 1TB HDD is advised for video file storage; Depending on the days of storage (retention time) and amount of cameras you might use up to several TB’s of storage (Zepcam can provide storage calculations when number of bodycams, retention and hours of recording per day (estimation) are known).
  • When installing on VMware, Xen or Hyper-V, make sure Debian 9 is supported


Optional separate storage appliance:

  • EXT4 file format
  • Make sure disk I/O is sufficient