Minimal system requirements Zepcam Server Software


Minimal system requirements for the Zepcam Server Software (ZSS) are:

  • Minimal 16GB of RAM
  • A 64bit Intel or AMD dual core CPU (optimal installations have Core i5/i7/Xeon CPU’s)
  • A CPU that has AES support in order to lower the encryption load.
  • Minimal 64GB HDD for Zepcam Server software installation (Debian 9), database and video files; The database can occupy up to several GB’s depending on the storage hours and variations of the GPS locations. Optimal installations have at least a 32GB of SSD storage for OS and Database and 1TB HDD is advised for video file storage; Depending on the days of storage (retention time) and amount of cameras you might use up to several TB’s of storage.
  • Network requirements; Some TCP/IP UDP port need to be opened in- and outbound; Please contact Zepcam for the details. 

When deploying a large number of Zepcam devices, Zepcam can provide storage calculations.

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