Preferences (Zepcam Connect and T2 settings)


When accessing “Preferences” for the first time, you will be asked to create a Zepcam Connect Admin password (password prevents anyone can adjusting T2 settings).

Pay attention to put a password you will remember; You will need it to adjust the settings of your Zepcam T2 camera.


Program settings:

Movie handling:
• Copy to PC
• Offload to Server (Only available when Zepcam Connect is paired with your Zepcam Cloud or        Server)
• Copy to Pc and Offload to Server (Only available when Zepcam Connect is paired with your             Zepcam Cloud or Server)


Video location: Local drive or network share.


Power Off after copy: For faster charging (recommended).



  • English
  • Nederlands
  • Deutsch


Admin Password: Change admin password



T2 Camera Settings:

Automatic IR filter: Decides when IR sensors are switched on in dark environments.
Power Up Auto Record: It means the T2 will start recording as soon as possible
  when powered on (after 5 seconds).
Microphone: Audio recording can be entirely disabled or only disabled during prerecording.
Pre-recording: Is a buffer of a variable lenght prior to the actual recording and will
  be part of the entire recording.

[Note] In most cases, the default settings are suitable


T2 Device Manager

When you entered the wrong pin for a T2, you can change it and enter the correct PIN
for the T2 in this window (don’t forget to Save!).


Server Settings:

• If you only unlocked Zepcam Connect, optionally you are also able to pair the Zepcam Connect with the Zepcam Cloud or a Zepcam server by selecting the Server Settings tab and enter the pairing code; How to generate Zepcam Connect pairing code.
• Shows the pairing status, which server Zepcam Connect is paired with and under which name this Zepcam Connect is known in the Cloud or on the Zepcam Server;
• When connection to server is available, the Server Status will be “Link”.


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