How to install and to pair with the Zepcam Server or Cloud



Please follow below step to connect your T2 Series Docking Station to Zepcam Server or Cloud.


 1. Connect an RJ45 network (UTP) cable to the Zepcam Docking Station

2. Connect the power adapter to the Docking Station

3. Check that every position indicator lights up shortly

4. Check that status led of docking station starts to blink


5. When the status led is solid green; Get the IP address of the docking station with Zepcam Finder or when a screen and numpad is connected by pressing on the * key (the docking station has a default fallback IP address when there is no DHCP in the network:

6. Configure a PC with another IP address in the same network/IP-range of the docking

7. Use a browser to log in on the IP address of the Docking Station or use Zepcam Finder to open the web-interface of the docking:


8. Now, within your browser open a new tab and login Zepcam Manager (Cloud or Server Software). You need to login with admin rights to add a new docking station and create a pairing code

9. Go to Admin -> Devices -> Docking Stations

10. Press Add Docking Station


11. A popup window will appear; Enter the Device Name, for example 8 bay dock:

12. An optional Comment can also be added e.g. an internal device number or description of the camera.

13. Click Submit

14. A new popup window appears, containing a unique registration code (pairing code):

15. On the Docking Station web interface click on the blue button ‘Server Pairing’ or go to "System" -> Server Pairing -> Registration code and enter generated code to attach this device to your Zepcam Coud account:

16. When the pairing is successful, the Pairing State will be “Paired” and when connected with the Zepcam Server the Connection state will be “Connected”

17. The Docking will be visible in Zepcam Manager (when connected with the Zepcam Server or Cloud): In the top menu of Zepcam Manager go to “Offload” -> “Docking Stations” and the paired docking station will be shown: