Offloading and Charging with the Docking Station


1. Place the Zepcam T2 in docking station, make sure it is pushed down firmly in the docking            station.

2. The camera will power on (with a beep sound), The right T2 indicator is green and left T2              indicator is blue (Charging in progress)

3. When new images or movies are available on the T2, the docking station starts downloading          the content to its onboard hard disk. During download the led in front of the camera flashes          red.

4. When all content of the T2 is downloaded to the hard disk of the docking station, the content        will be offloaded to the Zepcam Cloud or Zepcam Server. During offload, the led in front of the      camera flashes red and the top LED of the docking station is pulsing red (offloading to Zepcam      Cloud or Zepcam Server).

5. If the LED in front of the camera is red, T2 is being charged.

6. If the right T2 LED indicator is off the T2 is being fast charged (the T2 is switched off during          fast charging).

7. If the left T2 indicator is off and the LED in front of the camera is green, the T2 is ready for use      (offloaded and fully charged).

[Note] When the data is successfully copied and or offloaded, the data is automatically removed from the Zepcam T2.

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