Zepcam MVB: How to change mobile network settings


Mobile network

To Change the Mobile Network settings, go on the onboard config webpage to Network → Mobile.

The steps to setup the M2-MVB to connect to a Mobile network are:

  • Insert a Simcard with data bundle
  • If the Simcard is PIN locked go to Network → Mobile → Advanced. Enter the valid PIN code in the PIN code input field and press try pincode. The Mobile Status button on the bottom of the screen shout stop reporting PIN locked:
  • Enter the right APN settings. Go to Network → Mobile → APN settings. You can use the APN quick settings pulldown list. You can enter the APN settings (APN server, APN login and APN Password) manually when your SIM data is not available in the APN quick settings list:
  • There are a few advanced settings available for the Mobile network. These can be found in the page Network → Mobile → Advanced. The advanced settings are:
    • Roaming: Enable this setting for using the M2-MVB in a foreign country
    • Manual Network selection: Enter here the MMC MNC code for a specific network.
    • Networks: Configure to only use 4G, 3G or 2G network
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