Pairing Zepcam T2(+) bodycam


1. When using T2(+) connected to a computer

  • Make sure Zepcam Connect software installed on your computer and make sure Zepcam Connect is paired to the server. 
  • On the computer: Launch Zepcam Connect
  • Connect the single dock of the T2(+) to the USB port of the computer
  • Put the T2(+) in the single dock
  • Zepcam Connect will now pair the T2(+) to Zepcam Manager and offload the content to the server automatically if you had selected this option in Zepcam Connect Options.

 [NOTE]: You can Also find help in the Zepcam Connect Manual.

[NOTE]: When encryption is enabled on the T2+ the T2+ can only be paired using a T2 Series Docking Station


2.When using T2(+) connected to a 8 dock or 4 dock Docking Station

  • Make sure The Zepcam T2(+) Series Docking Station is paired to the server.
  • Place your T2 bodycam in the T2 Series Docking Station. The bodycam will be paired automatically to Zepcam Manager

 [NOTE]: You can Also find help in the Zepcam T2 Series Docking Station Manual.

[NOTE] Only Masters and admins Zepcam Manager users will see and can manage new registered Zepcam T2(+)’s.

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