Pairing Zepcam Mobile Video Box


For this part you need to open 2 tabs in your web browser. One tab where you are connected to Zepcam Manager and an other tab where you are connected to the MVB onboard website. You can read the Zepcam MVB Manual in the section ACCESSING THE M2-MVB



  1. Make sure the Zepcam MVB can connect with the Zepcam Cloud or Server via WiFi, Ethernet (LAN/WAN) to your router or  3G/4G/LTE.

[NOTE]: You can find in the Zepcam MVB manual IN THE SECTION NETWORK SETTING how to connect your device to Internet.

  1. In your browser go to the ‘Login page’ of the MVB:

[NOTE]: If your MVB uses a 3G/4G/LTE connection, it is recommended to connect your MVB to your computer using an Ethernet cable ( and then IP address (default) in your web browser) or via the MVB-wifi network ( and then IP address (default) in your web browser. MVB is in Access point mode)


Fig5.1 MVB Onboard login page


  1. When using the WiFi connection of the MVB go to IP address (default) and when using ETH connection go to IP address (default)
  2. Sign in with username and password
  3. In the Top menu go to: “Server Pairing”:


Fig 5.2 MVB onboard software - menu bar


[NOTE]: When you have an older MVB firmware version go to:  

Network -> Advanced -> Server pairing

(We highly recommend you to update the firmware of the MVB)




  • Go to your Zepcam Manager (for instance
  • On the top menu of Zepcam Manager, click “Admin”
  • On the second header line, click “Devices”
  • Open the “Camera Device” Tab of the Zepcam Manager
  • Near the right top, click “Add Device”:
  • A popup window will appear; Enter the Device Name, e.g. “8 bay dock”:


image82.png Fig 4.1 Pop up window when adding a MVB



  • An optional Comment can also be added e.g. an internal device number or description of the camera.
  • Click “Submit”
  • A new popup window appears, containing a unique registration code (pairing code):


Fig 4.2 Pop up window with generated code for the MVB


  • Enter the generated pairing code at “Registration code” and click “Pair” 
  • When the pairing is successful, the Pairing State will be “Paired” and when connected with the Zepcam Server the Connection state will be “Connected”


Fig 5.3 MVB onboard software - Pairing successful


  • The MVB will be visible in the Live view (when connected with the server or cloud via WiFi, 3G/4G/LTE or Ethernet).