Pairing T1 live

  1. On Zepcam Manager


  • Go to your Zepcam Manager 
  • On the top menu of Zepcam Manager, click “Admin”
  • On the second header line, click “Devices”
  • Open the “Camera Device” Tab of the Zepcam Manager
  • Near the right top, click “Add Device”:
  • A popup window will appear; Enter the Device Name, e.g. “Security guard T1”:


Fig 3.1 Pop up window when adding a T1 live


  • An optional Comment can also be added e.g. an internal device number or description of the camera.
  • Click “Submit”
  • A new popup window appears, containing a unique registration code (pairing code):


Fig 3.2 Pop up window with generated code for the T1 live


  1. On the T1 Live
  • Make sure there is a wireless network (3G, 4G or WiFi) available that has access to the Internet. Zepcam T1-Live needs to connect to this wireless network.
  • Login as Administrator on the Zepcam T1 Live ( Officer ID screen => Use administrator code)
  • On your T1 Live recorder unit go to: “Settings” => “Streaming Settings” => “Enter Pairing Code”:


Fig 3.3 Going to streaming settings on the Zepcam T1 live


Fig 3.4 Enter pairing code on the Zepcam T1 live


  • Use the ‘up / down’ button and ‘select’ button of the T1 live device and  enter the generated pairing code given previously by Zepcam Manager:



Fig 3.6 Putting the code on the Zepcam T1 live



  • Select “Save” to save the code in your device and wait until pairing is finished.
  • The T1 will be visible in the Live view (when connected with the Zepcam server or cloud via WiFi, 3G or 4G/LTE).
  • When successfully paired “Link” will be shown on the status bar of the Zepcam T1



Fig 3.7 Device paired and ready to stream