Pairing Zepcam Connect Software


Open a web browser and enter your url of Zepcam Manager (i.e. go to:

Settings or Admin -> Devices-> Zepcam Connect:



Fig. Zepcam Manager - Add a Zepcam Connect Client


  1. Press "Add Connect Client” or "Add Device" (Green button):


  1. Enter Zepcam Connect name (e.g. name of the person using Zepcam Connect):


Fig. Zepcam Manager - Set up a client name 

  1. A pop up appears with the connect/pairing code:


Fig. Zepcam Manager - Getting a pairing code for Zepcam Connect 

  1. Copy connect/pairing code and send to the person that needs to activate/pair Zepcam Connect.
  2. In Zepcam Connect: enter activation/pairing code at screen: In Zepcam Connect go to Preferences -> Server Settings and "Enter Pairing Code". 


Fig. Zepcam Connect PC software - insert the activation/pairing code 

  1. In Zepcam Connect: Pairing Succes “Zepcam Connec is now paired to server”:


Fig 6 Zepcam Connect PC software - Pairing Succes